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     Lake County, one of the fastest growing counties in California, is conveniently located about two hours from either the San Francisco Bay area or the Sacramento metropolitan area. It lies within the Pacific Coast mountain range, 100 road miles north of San Francisco and 35 road miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

     The county’s most prominent geographical feature is Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California.  Geologic evidence suggests it may be the oldest lake in North America.  Archeologically, The Clear Lake Basin contains one of the highest densities of prehistoric sites in the state.  Culturally, Lake County is the home of a large indigenous Native American population, which has worked diligently to maintain its traditional character and identity.

     Offsetting the Clear Lake Basin and its rich agriculture soils are the county’s rugged mountains.  Pin-covered Cobb Mountain, 4,722 feet, in the southern end of the county is the highest peak in the Mayacamas Range.  Set apart by the lake and the rich Big Valley basin to its west, Mt. Konocti, 4,300 feet, dominates Clear Lake.  Snow Mountain, 7,056 feet, in the vast Mendocino National Forest at the northern end of the county, is the highest peak.

     Naturally endowed with mountains, valleys, lakes, and waterways, Lake County’s diverse beauty has attracted residents and visitors for over a century.  The area boasts a clean, smog-free environment, year-round moderate temperatures and rainfall, low earthquake activity, and a low crime rate.

     The economy of the area has been historically based on agriculture and recreation, with substantial expansion in recent years of the services and retail industry sectors.  Natural resource-based industries include gold mining and the world’s largest known geothermal field.

     Lake County has three units of government: the County and two incorporated cities, Clearlake and Lakeport.  All three operate under the General Law provisions of the State of California.  The County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, elected by district.  The County of Lake provides a wide range of services to its residents, including transportation, law enforcement, and recreation, health, social services, and air quality control.

     While Lake County is considered a rural area of small communities, it offers many of the amenities of city living, such as excellent schools, hospitals, fire and police protection, cultural activities and shopping centers.






COUNTY POPULATION                          55,000



          SNOW MOUNTAIN                        7,056 feet

          COBB MOUNTAIN                         4,722 feet

           MT. KONOCTI                               4,300 feet


AREA      857,330 acres – 1,328 square miles



                                          407,434 acres (48%)


CLIMATE: Noted for warm days, cool nights and low humidity.


                                                       HIGH         LOW

January                                              54              26

August                                               96              57



   Clear Lake Basin                   25”

    Middletown Area                  45”

    Cobb Mountain                     60”



     Elevation                  1,318 feet

     Size                          43,785 surface acres

     Shoreline                  100 miles

     Average Depth         28 feet

     Average Water Temperature

                    December   48 degrees

                    March         53 degrees

                     June           66 degrees

                    August        75 degrees

Other lakes

Blue Lake                      1357    125 acres 

Boggs Lake                    2787    101 acres

Highland Springs Res.   1463    72 acres

Indian Valley Res.          1476    3,800 acres

Pillsbury Lake                 1818    2,003 acres



   LAKEPORT (County seat) 2 square miles

   Clearlake                           10 square miles





COBB                             LOWER LAKE

NICE                               LUCERNE

UPPER LAKE                GLENHAVEN                            


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